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And yet, for these 

Children, these windows, not this map, their world. 

Where all their future‘s painted with a fog, 

A narrow street sealed in with a lead sky 

Far far from rivers, capes, and stars of words.

1. What is the world of slum children? 

a. Beautiful fields 

b. the windows of the classroom 

c. Slum 

d. mountains

2. Why is their future painted with fog? 

a. Because they work tirelessly in dark cells 

b. Because the room is filled with fog 

c. Because they have no clear vision of future 

d. They were denied admission

3. How is their world different from the world in the map? 

a. Very similar to their world 

b. contrary to the world in the map. 

c. not comfortable 

d. does not offer any clues

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1. b) the windows of the classroom

2. a. Because they work tirelessly in dark cells

3. b) contrary to the world in the map.

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