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Unless, governor, inspector, visitor, 

This map becomes their window and these windows 

That shut upon their lives like catacombs,

That shut upon their lives like catacombs, 

1. Who can change the condition of slum children? 

a. school teachers 

b. The Principal 

c. governor, inspector and visitor 

d. parents 

2. What action does the poet want them to take? 

a. to build a new school 

b. to take them to the world outside 

c. to provide playground 

d. to give them money 

3. What are catacombs‘? 

a. underground cemetery

b. the caterpillars 

c. the mushrooms 

d. edible plants 

4. What do the catacombs‘ signify? 

a. the dead condition 

b. the darkness 

c. the little narrow homes of the slum dwellers 

d. the difficulties they face

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1. d. parents

2. b. to take them to the world outside

3. a. underground cemetery

4. c. the little narrow homes of the slum dwellers

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