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Read the extract to attempt questions that follow:

It would be an exotic moment

without rush, without engines, 

we would all be together 

in a sudden strangeness.

1. The rhyme of the poem is

a) aabb 

b) abab

c) acbc 

d) None of the above 

2. The ‗exotic moment‘ that the poet refers to is, when 

a) the whole world is destroyed

b) all the people divided

c) all the people together with oneness

d) all the people speak only in one language

3. Which of the following is an example of anaphora? 

a) We would all be together 

b) Without rush, without engines

c) It would be an exotic moment

d) All the above

4. The phrase ‗sudden strangeness‘ is an example of 

a) Metaphor 

b) Simile 

c) Oxymoron 

d) Alliteration

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1 – d 

2 – c

3 – b

4 – d

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