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Match the ministry with the news that the ministry may have released

a) A new policy is being made to increase the jute exports from the country. (i) Ministry of Defence
b) Telephone services will be made more accessible to rural areas (ii) Ministry of Health
c) The price of rice and wheat sold under the public distribution system will got down. (iii) Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
d) A pulse polio campaign will be launched (iv) Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
e) The allowances of the soldiers posted on high altitudes will be increased. v) Ministry of Communications and Information technology.

Codes: a b c d e 

(1) i iii ii iv v 

(2) iv v iii ii i 

(3) iii v ii I iv 

(4) ii v iii iv i

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 Codes: a b c d e

(2) iv v iii ii i

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