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24. The suitable reagents for the following reaction are : (a) \( \stackrel{ PCl _{5}}{\longrightarrow} \stackrel{ NaOH }{\longrightarrow} \stackrel{\Delta}{\longrightarrow} \) (b) \( \stackrel{ I _{2}+ NaOH }{\longrightarrow} \stackrel{ H ^{\oplus}}{\longrightarrow} \underset{\Delta}{\longrightarrow} \stackrel{ NH _{3}}{\longrightarrow} Br _{2}+ KOH \) (c) \( \stackrel{ NH _{2} OH }{\longrightarrow} \stackrel{ PCl _{5}}{\longrightarrow} \stackrel{\text { dil. } NaOH }{\Delta} \frac{ N _{3} H }{\longrightarrow} \) (d) \( \stackrel{ H _{2} N - OH }{\longrightarrow} \stackrel{\Delta}{\longrightarrow} \)

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