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Write a short note on the diverse wildlife found in India.

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India’s climate and physiography is highly diverse. We have Himalayan regions where there is deep snow and on the other hand deserts like Rajasthan and Kachchh which are extremely hot. Similarly, we have a very long coastline. Majority of India consists of plains. Such a large geographical diversity has resulted in a large variation in insects, birds, animals, and vegetation among various regions of India. There are about 15 lakh species of animals and birds in the world. Out of these, 81,251 species are found in India.

India stands 12th in the world in terms of bio-diversity. Animals from as far as Asia, Europe and Africa are found in India. Animals such as African Zarakh, European wolves, Wild goats and Kashmiri Deer, Elephants and Gibbons from South-east Asia, etc. can be seen in India. Moreover, black bear, one- homed rhino, deer, different types of snakes, peacocks, ghora (bustard), hawk, kingfisher, flamingo, etc. are also found in India. The snow leopard and red panda both are found at same altitude in Himalayas but have very distinguished characteristics.

Today, India is the only country in the world where one can find tigers and lions moving in their natural abodes. During winter, migratory birds from distant places visit the watershed area of Keoladev National Park, Bharatpur and Nal Sarovar in Gujarat. Sea turtless come to lay eggs along the sandy coasts of Odisha. Indian pythons, various types of snakes and the King Cobra are found in the southern rainforests.

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