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How can we preserve wildlife? Discuss.

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We can preserve wildlife by taking following measures:

The biggest change needed to preserve the wildlife is to change our attitude towards forests. We consider forests as a source of unlimited in come and so keep on exploiting them to the maximum capacity. We need to understand that forest resources are limited and hence must be preserved. Wildlife will be saved only if their natural habitats i.e. forests are saved. The balance between the number of herbivores and the carnivores in the forests should be maintained. Active steps like maintaining the water sources in the forests and restricting the grazing of domestic animals in forests should be taken to maintain this balance.

Strict laws should be heavily punished for illegal mining in forest, area. Animals should not be disturbed during their procreative period. Necessary arrangements should be made to see that human interference does not occur in such times. The effects of fisheries, forest gatherings or tourism on the forests should be made in the rules and laws. Programmes should be arranged to bring awareness in the society regarding the importance of forests and wildlife. If the wildlife protection force is inactive, then the force should be pressurized to give priority to wildlife and forest protection.

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