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Poor Kisa Gotami now went from house to house, and the people pitied her and said, “Here is mustard seed; take it!” But when she asked, “Did a son or daughter, a father or mother, die in your family ?” they answered her, “Alas! the living are few, but the dead are many. Do not remind us of our deepest grief.” And there was no house but some beloved one had died in it.

Kisa Gotami became weary and hopeless, and sat down at the wayside watching the lights of the city, as they flickered up and were extinguished agaifi. At last the darkness of the night reigned everywhere. And she considered the fate of men, that their lives flicker up and are extinguished again. And she thought to herself, “How selfish am I in my grief! Death is common to all; yet in this valley of desolation there is a path that leads him to immortality who has surrendered all selfishness.”

1. Kisa did not collect mustard seeds from any house because ……………..

A. they were broken.

B. people insulted her while giving.

C. no house was such where some beloved one had not died in it.

D. None of these three

2. Kisa became hopeless as ……………..

A. she could not collect the said mustard seeds.

B. she felt for sure that she would not be able to bring her dead child back to life.

C. Gautama Buddha ignored her.

D. All of these three

3. What are men’s lives compared to ?

A. Their fate

B. Lights of the city

C. Death

D. All of these three

4. For whom does a path lead to immortality?

A. One who never thinks of death.

B. One who never feels grief.

C. One who has surrendered all selfishness.

D. One who is used to live in the valley of desolation.

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1. C. no house was such where some beloved one had not died in it.

2. A. she could not collect the said mustard seeds.

3. B. Lights of the city

4. C. One who has surrendered all selfishness.

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