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What is the most important feature of the Landuse pattern in India?

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  1. India has total geographical area of 828 million sq. km. (3280 lakh hectares). The land use data is available for about 93% of the total area. It shows that 151 million hectares (47%) is net sown area. Thus India has a very high percentage (47%) of total area under cultivation. No other big country has such a large area under cultivation.
  2. Another satisfying feature is that only 8% of land is fallow which is not cultivated so as to restore the fertility of the land. It is notable that fallow land has risen to 8% from earlier figure of 5%. It reflects that care for land resources has become essential.
  3. The area under pastures is also small (4%).
  4. The area under cultivable waste is 5%. This wasteland can be brought under cultivation to increase productivity.
  5. The forest cover is low, only 22%. It is desirable to have about one third of the total land area under forests to maintain a healthy environment.

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