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Can you think of reasons why more complex organisms cannot give rise to new individuals through regeneration?

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Simple organisms such as Hydra and Planaria are capable of producing new individuals through the process of regeneration. The process of regeneration involves the formation of new organisms from its body parts. Simple organisms can utilize this method of reproduction as their entire body is made of similar kind of cells in which any part of their mbody can be formed by growth and development. However, complex organisms have organ-system level of organization. All the organ systems of their body work together as an interconnected unit. They can regenerate their lost body parts such as skin, muscles, blood, etc. However, they cannot give rise to new individuals through regeneration.

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More complex organisms cannot give rise to new individuals because: 

1. Their body design is highly complicated. 

2. There are specific organs to do specific functions. 

3. There is a labour division in the body of complex organisms. 

4. Exception is lizard, which can regenerate its tail.

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