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NEET 2023
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What are the objectives of Physical Education that one acquires in the game of hockey?

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There are many aims of physical education that the students learn from hockey ground. This helps him to achieve great success and lead an enjoyable life.

Following objectives of Physical Education are achieved in a hockey ground:

1. Tolerance:

We learn the lesson of tolerance in the hockey playground. All the players want their team to win. But sometimes, in spite of their best efforts, the opposite team wins the match. In such kind of a situation, the members of the defeated team do not lose heart. They remain in high spirits. They treat victory and defeat in the same way. They gain practical training of tolerance.

2. Discipline:

Students learn to live in discipline. They come to know that discipline is the key to success. They remain in discipline. They abide by the commands of the captain and happy accept the decisions of the referee. Even at the face of imminent depat. They do not indulge in indiscipline.

3. Character Development:

Participation in the game of hockey inculcates a sense of discipline, co-operation and tolerance in the students. It helps in the development of their character. They sacrifice their personal interests for the common cause.

4. Development of Personality:

Taking part in the game of hockey develops certain qualities in the students that help in the development of their personality. The qualities of co-operation and tolerance develop in them and their body also becomes attractive and healthy. All these are the qualities of a good personality.

5. Creation of Good Citizens:

The qualities of discipline, duty, tolerance etc. develop in the students in the hockey playground. These qualities help them in becoming good citizens.

6. Co-operation:

The player in the game of hockey co-operates with his fellow players. He does not force his own views on others-rather politely puts his Views to develop consensus. It develops a sense of co-operation.

7. National Spirit:

Hockey playground is the place where the players take part in the game irrespective of his caste, religion or creed. No player is turned out of the playground on the basis of his religion. It helps develop national spirit.

8. Self-Confidence:

A feeling of self-confidence develops in the students by taking part in the game of hockey. Only a confident player having a lot of patience can win this game. It proves the development of these qualities in the students by taking part in the game of hockey.

9. Spirit of giving equal importance of victory or defeat:

The game of hockey develops the spirit of giving equal importance to victory or defeat. We should not make fun of the opposite team. And we should not be carried away by our success. The defeated team should be encouraged.

10. Spirit of Sacrifice:

The spirit of sacrifice is very essential in the game of hockey. When we play for our school, college, state or country we give the credit of victory to these institutions. Games always demand sacrifice. Duke of Wellington- after defeating Napolean in the battle of Waterloo, said, “The Battle of Waterloo was won at the playing-fields of Eton and Harrow.” It proves that games help in producing good leaders.

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