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With reference to `The Diary of a Young Girl', what do the others in the Annexe think about Anne ?

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Life for Anne as for everyone in the annexe, was stiffing, claustrophobic and scary. Everyone knew at any moment, their hiding place could be discovered. This was literally a matter of life and death, if the secret annexe was found by the authorities, then Anne, her family, and her neighbors could end up being killed. Sadly for Anne & most of her family, this is exactly what did happen. Most families have more than their fair share of tension, but when you are farced to share close confined spaces, they can become unbearable. Anne was never particularly closed to her mother, but life in the annexe made their already fraught relationship even more difficult. At least in a normal house you that, can, to some extent, avoid other people if you a problem with then Yet despite all this Anne still displays a remarkable degree of maturity for her age. Although the experience of being forced to line in the annexe may have shaped the diary. It didn't completely shape Anne or define her character. Despite all her various travels, she still comes through in the diary as, in many respects, a normal young adult with the same love, hopes, fears and aspirations of countless others of her age. 

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