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The radio programs consisted mainly of speeches of important party members: Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler, Goebbels, General Hermann Goering, and Vice Chancellor Rudolf Hess among others contributed regularly. The initial purpose of the broadcasts was to improve the morale of the German people and to unify the population securely behind Hitler. Once the war began, however, the radio was also used to sway the opinions of neutral countries in favor of Germany, illustrate their military might which would make is much easier to conquer countries, and decrease the morale of those in resistance. Throughout the 1930’s, the ideas of National Socialism were spread throughout Europe over the airways. With Hitler’s ascension to power in 1933, The Nazi party assumed direct and complete power over the newspaper, film, theater, and most importantly, the radio. In addition, it was necessary to purchase a 2 Mark license to own a radio. This made it easy for the Germans to know who owned radios and facilitated the confiscation of the Jew’s, and followed later by the Gentile’s radios. This is yet another example of the overwhelming control which the Nazis exercised over communication.

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