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You are provided with 4 metal ores at different levels of activity series, extraction of these metals from their ores involves oxidation and reductions. Match the metal ores with their extraction processes

Metal Dres Processes
1. Cinnabar I. Oxidation and reduction
2. Zincblende II. Oxidation
3. Hematite III. Electrolysis
4. Galena IV. Reduction

(a) 1-1,2-11, 3-IV, 4-11 

(b) 1-II, 2-I, 3-IV,4-I 

(c) 1-I, 2-III,3-II,4-IV 

(d) 1-IV, 2-II,3-III, 4-I

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1 Answer

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Correct option: (b) 1-II, 2-I, 3-IV,4-I


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