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Following experiments were carried out separately in chemistry laboratory in different test tubes, lebelled as (I),(II), (III), and (IV).

(I) Mg + dil. HCl

(II) Al + dil. H2SO4

(III) Cu + dil. HCl

(IV) Mn + dil. HNO3

She observed hydrogen gas is not produced in :

(a) Only Test tube (IV) 

(b) Both test tubes (III) and (IV)

(c) Only test tube (III) 

(d) Both test tubes (II) and (III)

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Correct option: (c) Only test tube (III)


Cu + dil. HCl → No reaction

Copper does not liberate H2 from dilute hydro chloric acid because only those metals which are having standard reduction potentials lower than that of hydrogen react with non-oxidising agent like HCl and displaces hydrogen from them.

Copper has higher reduction potential than hydrogen.

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