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‘A newly hatcked chick grows to fully adult male or female in about 18 weeks’ time. During this time, different body parts show characteristic growth pattern. In an experiment, a pair of goggles were fixed on the eyes of a chick immediately after hatching such that only red wavelength of light passes through them. When the goggles are removed at the end of 7 days, the chick develops a peculiar eye defect. Given that longer wavelengths of light focus most posteriorly in the eye, the most likely defect that the chick has developed is:

(A) Myopia 

(B) Hypermetropia

(C) Astigmatism 

(D) Colour blindness

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Correct option: (A) Myopia


As chicken will develop eyes according to red light hence, when goggles are removed other light will get focus before the retina, therefore concave lens will be required to correct the vision of chicken. This is called Myopia.

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