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The experiment of the Resonance Tube is commonly performed to determine the speed of sound. The experimental setup is as follows. A hollow tube open at both ends can be suitably lowered into water inside a jar as shown in the figure. A speaker of variable frequency is held just above the top end of the tube. Sound waves from the speaker are allowed to enter into the tube from the top. On gradually raising or lowering the tube in the water, it is observed that when a certain length is above the water level, a loud sound is audible due to resonance. The length of the tube above the water at this position is recorded as L. According to the theory if λ is the wavelength of the sound then

(λ/4 = L + e)

Where e is the end correction given by e = 0.3d (d = inner diameter of the tube)

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But according to question. It is fundamental frequency.

e = 0.3 d

= 0.3 × 5

e = 1.5 cm

We will find slope and that slope will be 4/v and v can be calculated.

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