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The organism whose body develops from two germ layers are called diploblastic, whereas the organism developed from three germ layers are called triploblastic. In some triploblastic organism the body cavity or coelom is formed from mesoderm and endoderm. Such an organism is called as [P ] and an example for it is [Q ] Choose the correct option to fill in the blanks in the above statement. 

(a) [P] - Coelomate; [Q]-Hydra 

(b) [P] - Coelomate ; [Q]-Planaria 

(c) [P] - Pseudocoelomate; [Q]- Pila 

(d) [P] - Pseudocoelomate ; [Q]- Ascaris

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Correct option: (d) [P] - Pseudocoelomate ; [Q]- Ascaris

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