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Trisha was given a silvery white metal (A) and she was asked to heat it in air. Trisha did that and observed that a white ash (X) is formed. Out of curiosity she dissolved the ash (X) in water and obtained a solution (Y). Trisha tested the solution (Y) using pH paper and found that it turned blue. (Y) is commonly used in dental work as an antimicrobial, and is the substance of choice of dentists for forming a protective layer known as an apical barrier. (Y) when reacts with chlorine gas gives (B),which is used as a toilet cleaner. To this solution (Y), she added dil. sulphuric acid and obtained a white precipitate (Z). Help Trisha to identify A, B, Y, Z. Write balanced equations for all the reactions involved.

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In Pure state calcium occurs in silvery white colour. So element 'A' should be calcium (Ca)

So, A → calcium (Ca)

B → Bleaching powder (CaOCl2)

Y → Calcium Hydroxide [Ca(OH)2]

Z → Calcium sulphate [CaSO4]

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