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A sprint runner was running a 100 meter race. 10 min before starting his run in the race, he was given 200 ml of 5% glucose solution. [Assume M.W. of glucose = 180.0]. 

(I) Calculate how many moles of glucose was given to the sprinter. 

(II) If 100% of the glucose molecules was absorbed into his body and were used for production of pyruvic acid, calculate the moles of pyruvic acid that will be produced from these glucose molecules.  

(III) 25% of the total pyruvic acids generated from these glucose molecules are in muscle tissues and they subsequently form lactic acid. Calculate the total moles of lactic acid produced from these pyruvic acids. 

(IV) If all the pyruvic acid generated (including the muscles and other parts of body) undergo aerobic oxidation to produce CO2 and water, calculate the total moles of CO2 produced from these pyruvic acid.

(V) The figure above represents a pictorial representation of components of a cell. Based on the information above predict the sites where these products are formed when glucose is metabolized by aerobic or anaerobic oxidation. 

i. The site of formation of pyruvic acid is _______ in the cell.

ii. The site of lactic acid formation is __________ in the cell.

ii. The site of oxidation of pyruvic acid for generation of end products such as CO2 and H2O is

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(I) Given 200 ml of 5% glucose solution

100 ml of glucose solution contain = 5 gm glucose

∴ 200 ml of glucose solution contain = 10 gm glucose

(M.W. of glucose = 180 gm)

Moles of glucose given to the sprinter

(II) Given 100% glucose converted to pyruvic acid.

Thus, Glucose → 2 pyruvic acid

So, 0.055 glucose → 2 × 0.055 pyruvic acid = 0.11 pyruvic acid

(III) Moles of pyruvic acid present = 1/9

(V) (i) Cytoplasm (ii) Cytoplasm (iii) Mitochondria

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