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Mention any three hydraulic structures of ancient India.

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Three hydraulic structures of ancient India are as under:

(1) In the first century B.C. Sringaverapura near Allahabad had sophisticated water harvesting system channeling the flood water of the river Gang.

(2) During the time of Chandragupta Maura, dams, lakes and irrigation systems were extensively built.

(3) Sophisticated irrigation works have also been found in Kalong (Odessa), Nagarjunakonda (Andhra Pradesh), Banner (Karnataka), Kolhapur (Maharashtra), etc.

(4) In the 11th century, Bhopal lake, one of the largest artificial lake of its time was built.

(5) In the 14th century, the tank in Haul Khans, Delhi was constructed by Iltutmish for supplying water to Sire Fort area.

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