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Write a composition (350-400 words) on ‘Most of us always remain stressed, suggest same ways to minimize it.’

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These days everybody agrees to the fact that life is full of stresses and strains, wherever and whenever we meet people the topic of discussion generally revolves around changing life-styles, ratrace in all walks of life and how it is affecting our health. With more technological advancement and more mechnisation, the luxuries, no doubt, are much more at our disposal as compared to a decade ago. Yet it has not created a stress free environment. On the other hand there is an increase in the life-style disease such as hypertension, diabetes and cardiac diseases. The more mental pressure is actually resulting into a physical one also. Every age group of the society is under strain, it is high time we sit in silence and introspect to find as to what is ailing us. First and foremost is that we need to modify our life-style and learn the techniques to unwind and destress our self.

The idea of meditation has just flashed my mind, as we do not need much equipment to perform it, and the results are great. It involves different breathing exercises. It is not difficult to learn as lots of literature in print and videos in visual form is available in the market or one can also learn from television, many channels show different programmes on meditation and yoga with proper techniques. What is actually meditation? In meditation we break the barriers of words, language, hatred and violence and we learn to vibe with each other mentally. “If speech is silver, silence is golden, for in the vast treasure of deep silence can find a large source of peace and tranquility. In that moment of silence and introspection, we become conscious of our self and we try to analyse our thoughts.

Another factor that has made man restless is alienation from nature. On this race of progress and materialism, man has lost touch with his own emotions. In spite of so much noise all around him, he is feeling empty and lonely. This sadness is eating him inside, having all the amenities, money and good things of life ---even then he is not happy. Some corner of his heart is yearning for that peace and love. By destroying nature gradually, man has nearly killed his conscious also.

It is high time that man should learn from earth the quality of preservation and resurrection, how from dead remains a neglected small seed can give rise to plant. Just when it appears that everything is lost and we are downed and are under stress, that is the time to seek peace and tranquility through meditation and it is also the time to resurrect yourself like a tiny plant.

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