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You have been embarrassed by an incident involving a group of your friends. Write a letter to your mother relating the incident. Express your feelings and state how you intend to overcome the impact of the incident.

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June 1, 2004

Dear Mother,

Hope this letter of mine will find you in good health. I am fine here and enjoying my college life. My college life is quite different from the school environment. On the first day, when I was going to college with a group of friends, we met an old man. He was bald and was rather shabbily dressed. He was arguing with an auto rickshaw driver, over mere two rupees. One of my friends told the old man to give the driver his proper due. I know why she had to interfere. She passed a few critical remarks at him, saying, she could not understand why some people were so stingy. Two of my other friends also joined her in passing remarks at him.

The incident was soon forgotten and we reached the college. We waited in the classroom for our first Biology class. We were aghast, when the same old man, walked in. He was our Biology teacher! Mummy, you can imagine the state we were all in. In really, wished the earth would open up and swallow all of us. Our teacher behaved as though he hadn’t known anything and taught us very well. We were extremely embarrassed. We are planning to write an apology letter to him and hand it over personally to him. We hope that he will pardon us.

Please convey my regards to Daddy and accept them yourself too.

Your affectionate daughter,


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