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In the following passage, fill in each of the numbered blank appropriate to the blank space. Example : (0) (ask)

Once a well dressed man at Sadar Bazar (0) (ask) me for some money to go home. He told that his pocket 

(1) pick. I

(2) (see) the man at station again last week and yesterday, at bus stand I

(3)  (hear) him repeating the same story to one of my friends. “Don’t believe him,” I

(4) (say) running towards him. “He

(5)  (be) a fraud.” By my friend

(6)  give him 50 Rs already. If I

(7)  (not be) so far away. I

(8)  (be ale) to warn him. My friend and I

(9)  (never fall) for such stories again but what if someone’s story

(10)  be true? 

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(1)  had been picked,

(2)  saw,

(3)  heard,

(4)  said,

(5)  is,

(6)  had given,

(7)  had not been,

(8)  would have been able,

(9)  will never fall,

(10)  is.

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