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State whether true or false:

(a) We do not find inscriptions for the period after 700.
(b) The Marathas asserted their political importance during this period.
(c) Forest-dwellers were sometimes pushed out of their lands with the spread of agricultural settlements.
(d) Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban controlled Assam, Manipur and Kashmir.

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(a) False; Historians rely on coins, inscriptions, architecture and textual records for information for the study of period from 700 to 1750.

(b) True

(c) True

(d) False; Sultan Ghiyasuddin Balban (1266-1287) ruled a vast empire that stretched from Bengal (Gauda) in the east to Ghazni (Gajjana) in Afghanistan in the west and included all of south India (Dravida).

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(a) False
(b) True
(c) True
(d) False

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