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“Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy”. Justify the statement with five suitable points.

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Power sharing is the very spirit of democracy:
(i) Power sharing helps to reduce the possibilities of conflicts between various ethnic groups living in a society.

(ii) It helps in ensuring political stability since a country can be run by all the communities without giving preference to any majority community. 

(iii) It also reduces violence and linguistic problems. In India, there is diversity in language but our constitution gives equal weight to all the languages.

(iv) Power sharing is actually being called the spirit of democracy.

(v) It helps in bringing political, economic, social and cultural stability to the nation.

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Power Sharing is one of the main components and the very  spirit of democracy because of the following reasons :

1.  It abolishes the concentration of power in one hand and the possibility of becoming a dictator.

2.  It ensures the stability of political order.

3.  Power sharing minimizes the conflict among different social groups.

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