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The position time graph of an ant travelling on a floor is shown in the figure. The x-axis shows time in seconds(denoted by t) and the corresponding positions(denoted by y) can be read on the y axis. For 0<=t<=4. The shape of the path is parabolic and then onwards the shape is a straight line.

a) If instead of moving on the straight line, the ant had continued to move on the same parabolic path beyond t=4 as well, what would be her position at t=6?

b)The ant moves at a constant speed of sq.rt of 13 units per second for time t>=4. How long does it take to transverse the straight line path?

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a) At t= 6 the position of ant will be y= 2, Since the path will repeat after t=4

b) Speed of ant is s = sq.rt. of 13

Distance d = sq.rt(62 + 42) = (sq.rt of 13)*2

Time t = d/s

t = sq.rt(13)*2/sq.rt(13) = 2 sec

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