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Consider following statements about the Ozone Hole 

(I) Ozone formation and destruction keep on happening 

(II) Ozone destruction rate is higher than its formation rate 

(III) Ozone destruction rate is equal to its formation rate 

Which of above statement is/ are true? 

(a) (I) only

(b) (I) and (II) Only 

(c) (I) and (III) 

(d) (III) Only

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Correct option: (b) (I) and (II) Only


In an pollution free stratosphere, the production and destruction of ozone are in balance and hence the concentration of O3 remains constant with time. When CFC’s are released into the lower troposphere, they diffuse up into the stratosphere since their lifetime is 50-100 years when CFCs reach the middle stratosphere, UV radiation liberates the chlorine atom.

CFC + UV → Cl

Cl is then able to destroy as man as 100,000 O3 molecules

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