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Earlier there was balance between the formation and destruction of Ozone layer but after the release of varieties of harmful substances into atmosphere, this balance has been disturbed. Now rate of destruction is higher than the rate of formation of Ozone layer which is causing widening of Ozone hole. CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) is one of the sources responsible for causing hole in Ozone layer, which of following statement is correct about the CFC: 

1. CFCis made ofChlorine, fluorine, and carbon 

2. CFC is released from Refrigerant, foams in plastic manufacturing, etc 

3. Refrigerant is the major source of CFC 

(a) 1 only 

(b) 2 only 

(c) 1 and 2 only 

(d) 1, 2 and 3

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Correct option: (d) 1, 2 and 3


It has been proved that CFCs are a major cause of depletion of the earth’s stratospheric ozone layer and contribute to the green house effect.

Large quantities of CFCs are used as refrigerants in a number of refrigerating and air conditioning systems. Though the refrigerant moves in a closed cycle, there are lots of leakages that escape to the atmosphere and cause destruction of the ozone layer. CFCs have exceptionally long atmospheric life, which can extend upto 100 years.

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