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In jee advance paper In more than one option type question if we tick a, b option but answer is a, b,d . Then their will b negative marking or not

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There will not be any negative marking for this.

In this year's JEE Advanced, however, was the new Partial Marking Pattern in both the Paper I and II.

What is the partial marking pattern?

This pattern enables a student to gain full or partial marks dedicated to a particular question. For example, if a given question has three correct answers - A, B, and C - then a student will get +4 marks if he chooses all the three. A student will get +2 if he/she chooses any two among the correct choices and +1 for opting for any right option. This pattern may be beneficial to the students. However, if a student chooses a wrong option alone or along with the partially correct one, then he/she will be awarded -2 marks for the questions based on this pattern.

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