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Give the disorder of Excretory system.

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All living organisms follow a pre-destined order and cycle in life. And this cycle applies to everything from the carbon cycle to the cyclic nature of food consumed by organisms. So this would mean that if you intake something, you expel something out. This process of expelling something out, in living organisms, is undertaken by the excretory system. And the ‘something’ is nothing other than the biochemical waste generated by cellular metabolism. From this, it could be easily deciphered that if the kidneys, which are the central part of the excretory system, collapse or malfunction or have some disorders, it would lead to the accumulation of waste or urea in the blood. This condition is known as uremia. It is highly harmful and could lead to the failure of kidneys. 

Kidneys play a vital role in keeping our body clan and healthy by filtering our blood and removing all extra fluid in the form of urine. In certain cases, these pair of kidney stops functioning. Then the dialysis replaces some of these functions when our kidneys could no longer perform this functions. 

Dialysis is an artificial process used for filtering the blood in the human body. There are two different types of dialysis – hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. The following is all about hemodialysis. 


Hemodialysis comes into play when urea is removed. In this process, the blood is drained carefully from whichever artery is convenient and sends it to the dialyzing unit. The unit contains a porous membrane which allows passage of molecules on the basis of the concentration gradient. 

Kidney Transplant 

The kidney transplant would be the ultimate method to facilitate the correction of acute renal or kidney failure. The process involved elaborate and relies heavily on the availability of a functioning kidney from donors. There are numerous complications that could occur. To avoid these, preferably the kidney should be a close or distant relative. But the marvels of modern technology are boundless. These modern techniques have gone a long way in reducing most of the complications related to the kidney transplant. 

Other Disorders 

There is a wide range of disorders associated with the human excretory system. To avoid long and difficult procedures like kidney transplant, one must lead a healthy life. Nevertheless, some of the different types of disorders include renal calculi, where the patient has a stone or insoluble mass in his kidney and Glomerulonephritis where an inflammation of the glomeruli of the kidney takes place.

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Disorders of Excretory system : 

Uremia - The accumulation of urea in blood due to malfunctioning of kidney. 

Hemodialysis - The process of removal of urea from the blood artificially. In this process the blood from an artery is passed into dialysing unit after adding an anticoagulant like heparin. The blood passes through coiled cellophane tube surrounding by dialysing fluid. The nitrogenous wastes from the concentration gradient and the blood becomes clear. This blood is pumped back to the body through vein after adding anti-heparin to it. 

Renal calculi - The formation of insoluble mass of crystallised salts (oxalates or phosphates of calcium). 

Glomerulonephritis - Inflammation of glomeruli of kidney

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