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Make a list of conventional and non-conventional sources of energy. Give a brief description of harnessing one nonconventional source of energy.

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Conventional sources of energy : Coal, petroleum, natural gas, fissionable materials like uranium. 

Non-conventional sources of energy : Wind, Hydro Power, the Sun, Ocean Tidals Energy, Interior of the Earth, Biogas, Plants, Vegetable waste etc. 

Biomass : Slurry of animal dung or other types of bio-waste and water is made in the mixing tank and then fed into the digester. The digester is usually a closed underground tank. In digester, the action of micro-organisms decomposes the complex compounds of the bio-mass in the slurry. Anaerobic micro-organisms, the presence of water, degrade the bio-mass in the digester. As anaerobic micro-organisms do not require oxygen, the digester is designed like a sealed chamber. The complete degradation process takes few days, during which bio gases are produced. Now the bio gas can be supplied to consumers through pipes. Periodically the slurry, that is left behind in the digester, is removed and it serves as an excellent manure.

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Hint— Conventional: Fossil fuels, water, wind, Biomass etc. Non Conventional: Nuclear, Solar, Energy from ocean, Geothermal etc. Explain the use of one of Non conventional source of energy.

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