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A gas ‘X’ is passed through water to form a saturated solution. The aqueous solution on treatment with silver nitrate gives a white ppt.. The saturated aqueous solution also dissolve magnesium ribbon with the evolution of a colourless gas ‘Y’. Identify ‘X’ and ‘Y’.

(A) X=CO2, Y=Cl

(B) X=Cl2, Y=CO

(C) X=Cl2, Y=H

(D) X2 =H2, Y=Cl2

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Correct Option (C) X=Cl2 , Y=H2


X + H2O → Saturated solution

X(ag) + AgNO3 → White ppt. AgCl

X(ag) + Mg → Colourless gas MgCl2

X = Cl2 ; Y = H2

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