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Slab A is resting on a frictionless floor. Its mass is 35 kg. Another block of mass 7 kg is resting on it as shown in the diagram. The co-efficient of static friction between the block and slab is 0.5, while kinetic friction is 0.4. If a force of F N is applied to m2 , : (g = 10 m s-2)

1. The minimum value of force to cause m2 to move with respect to m1 is

(A) 72 N (B) 42 N (C) 35 N (D) none

2. In above problem if m1 = 10 kg, m2 = 40 kg and applied force is 40 N, the acceleration of the block with respect to m1 will be:

(A) zero (B) 0.5 m s 2 (C) 2.5 m s 2 (D) none

3. In above problem what will be the acceleration of the system?

(A) zero (B) 0.5 m s 2 (C) 0.8 m s 2 (D) none

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Correct option 1. (B) 42 N 2. (A) 3. (C) 0.8 ms-2


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