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How is earth formed?

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Formation of earth dates occurred 4.6 billion ago. The dense cloud, compressed due to gravity, grew immensely hot and heavy in the center. This became the Sun. The matter on the outskirts of this nebula was pushed outward into space due to the force of solar winds. This matter aggregated through gravity and coalesced into what are called proto-planets and potential moons. This is how Earth is formed because the third proto-planet from the Sun was Earth.  

The earth wasn’t always a magnificent blue marble, with colorful trees rustling in the gusts, with impeccable white sand beaches onto which green waves and foam lapse and disperse into each other. With its vacillating oceans and laconic mountains suffused with green, white and brown, inciting equanimity in us.  

Later, we erected grandiose domes and numinous cathedrals, glass armored skyscrapers soaring high into the stainless sky. We drove copious cars, omnibuses and trains, the reminders of our mechanical routines, towards nowhere. There is a surge of people, tumultuous, bustling on platforms and in the streets. Life.

Earth actually started out as a hot, lifeless, sturdy rock, constantly buffeted by comets and meteorites for half a billion years. With volcanoes intermittently vomiting molten lava and beings, if any, perishing under the sun’s scorching rays. Rewinding even further, it seems that the planet emanated from sputtered particles and gas that came together under the inescapable lure of gravity.

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