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What is the meaning of Classification? Give objectives of Classification and essentials of an ideal classification.

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Classification is the process of arranging data into various groups, classes and sub-classes according to some common characteristics of separating them into different but related parts. Main objectives of Classification :-

(i) To make the data easy and precise 

(ii) To facilitate comparison 

(iii) Classified facts expose the cause-effect relationship. 

(iv) To arrange the data in proper and systematic way 

(v) The data can be presented in a proper tabular form only. 

Essentials of an Ideal Classification :- 

(i) Classification should be so exhaustive and complete that every individual unit is included in one or the other class. 

(ii) Classification should be suitable according to the objectives of investigation. 

(iii) There should be stability in the basis of classification so that comparison can be made. 

(iv) The facts should be arranged in proper and systematic way. 

(v) Data should be classified according to homogeneity. 

(vi) It should be arithmetically accurate.

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