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How many types of Series are there on the basis of Quantitative Classification? Give the difference between Exclusive and Inclusive Series.

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There are three types of frequency distributions - 

(i) Individual Series : In individual series, the frequency of each item or value is only one for example ;marks scored by 10 students of a class are written individually. 

(ii) Discrete Series : A discrete series is that in which the individual values are different from each other by a different amount. 

For example: 

                                  Daily wages           5     10     15     20 

                                  No. of workers       6      9       8        5 

(iii) Continuous Series : When the number of items are placed within the limits of the class, the series obtained by classification of such data is known as continuous serise           

For example:

                       Marks obtained      0-10   10-20     20-30   30-40 

                       No.of students          10       18         22         25 

Difference between Exclusive and Inclusive Series

Exclusive SeriesInclusive Series
LimitsUpper limit of one class is equal to the lower limit of next classThe two limits are not equal
InclusionThe value equal to the upper limit is included in the next class.Both upper & lower limits are included in the same  class. 
Conversion                     It does not require any conversion.Inclusive series is converted into exclusive series     for calculation purpose.
SuitabilityIt is suitable in all situations.It is suitable only when the values are in integers.              

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