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The ground state energy of hydrogen atom is –13.6 eV. Consider an electronic state ψ of He+ whose energy, azimuthal quantum number and magnetic quantum number are –3.4 eV, 2 and 0, respectively.

Which of the following statement(s) is(are) true for the state ψ?

(A)  It is a 4d state

(B)  The nuclear charge experienced by the electron in this state is less than 2e, where e is the magnitude of the electronic charge

(C)   It has 2 angular nodes

(D)  It has 3 radial nodes

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Correct option (A) It is a 4d state (C) It has 2 angular nodes


⇒ n = 4

n = 4, l = 2, m = 0 belongs to 4d orbital

no. of angular nodes in an orbital = value of l

no. of radial node in 4d = 1

Since it is a unielectronic species, there will be no shielding and the nuclear charge felt will be 2e.

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