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Assertion (A) : Solubility of maleic acid in water is more than fumaric acid while melting point of fumaric acid is more than maliec acid.

Reason (R) : Molecules of fumaric acid are more symmetric hence they can arrange more closely packed in crystal structure.

(A) Assertion (A) and reason (R) both are correct and reason (R) is correct explanation of assertion (A).

(B) Assertion (A) and reason (R) both are correct but reason (R) is not correct explanation of assertion (A). 

(C) Assertion (A) is correct while reason (R) is incorrect. 

(D) Assertion (A) is incorrect while reason (R) is correct. 

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(A) Assertion  (A)  and  reason  (R)  both  are  correct  and  reason  (R)  is  correct  explanation  of assertion  (A).

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