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A hunter has a machine gun that can fire 50 g bullets with a velocity of 150 ms–1. A 60 kg tiger springs at him with a velocity of 10 ms–1. How many bullets must the hunter fire into the target so as to stop him in his track ?

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Given m = mass of bullet = 50 gm = 0.50 kg 

M = mass of tiger = 60 kg 

v = Velocity of bullet = 150 m/s 

V = Velocity of tiger = – 10 m/s

(∴ It is coming from opposite direction n = no. of bullets fired per second at the tiger so as to stop it.) 

Pi = 0, before firing     ...(i) 

Pf = n(mv) + MV   .....(ii)

∴ From the law of conservation of momentum,

Pi = pf

⇒ 0 = n(mv) + MV 

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