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Different forms of power sharing in modern democracies are as follows:-

(a) Power sharing in different organs of government: Example: power sharing between legislature and executive

(b) Power sharing at different levels of government: Example: power sharing between Union government and state government.

(c) Power sharing among social groups: Example: Reservation in government jobs for OBCs and SCs & STs.

(d) Power sharing among various pressure groups: Example: Representative of trade union being consulted while making a new labour law.

The horizontal power sharing:

Power is shared among different organs of government such as the legislature, executive and judiciary. Organs of the government are placed at the same level to exercise different powers.

Each organ observes the other. The division of government into the executive, the legislature and the judiciary is an example of horizontal division of power.

The vertical sharing power:

Power is shared among the different levels of the governments. Power involves the highest and the lower levels of government. The lower organs work under the higher organs the Constitution defines the way power is to be shared between the Central or Union government and the various State governments.

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