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Replace the underlined word with one of the given options : The Second World War started in 1939. 

 (A) Broke out 

(B) Set out 

(C) Took out 

(D) Went out

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Correct option (A) Broke out


Broke out : (to start suddenly) 'Correct and relevant' option because it is used for 'wars' and 'diseases' e.g. cholera broke out in Surat in 1985.

Set out : (to start) 

it is different because it is used when one leaves for somewhere 

e.g. He set out on his long voyage to Achilese. 

took out : (incorrect use) 

Because it means differently. e.g. He took out a one rupee coin to give to the beggar. 

Went out : (Incorrect use) Because meaning is different

e.g. : The light went out when I was preparing for my Board Exams. 

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