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Directions:In each question you find a set of sentences arranged in a haphazard way. Choose the correct arrangement of sentences as indicated by the number to make a coherent paragraph. 

A. Galileo saw, too, that all the planets, including the earth, travel round the sun. 

B. On the sun he saw dark spots that moved slowly across its surface; and this proved that the sun, like the earth, spins round itself. 

C. Galileo made many important scientific discoveries, and from the year 1609 onwards, he was the maker of the first telescope. 

D. With these he studied the heavens, and there he saw many wonderful things that men had never seen before. 

E. He studied at Pisa University and became a professor of Mathematics there, and afterwards at Padua. 

F. The man who is described as the first truly modern scientist was an Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei, who was born in Pisa, in the year 1564 





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The Correct Option is (2) FEDCBA

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