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Directions :In each question you find a set of six sentences. The first and the sixth sentence are given and labelled M1 and M6 respectively. The middle four sentences are jumbled up and labelled PQRS. Find the proper order for the four sentences and mark accordingly.

M1 : The world government is the only answer to the threat of the Third World War. 

M6 : Even if a surrender does take place, it may not last. 

(P) The emergence of world government presupposes a surrender of sovereignty by all nations of the world. 

(Q) A world government if it is to prevent wars, must be all powerful.

(R) But a world government seems to be a mere dream under the present circumstances. 

(S) Such a surrender is not even remotely possible under the present situation. 

(1) QRPS 

(2) PQRS 

(3) RPSQ 

(4) PSQR

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The Correct option is (1) QRPS

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