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The main occupation of the European in the Medieval age was 

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The manorial system is the economic, political and social system in which peasants in the Middle Ages economy depended on both their land and that of their masters to derive a living. The basic element of the manorial system was the manor which was a self-efficient estate controlled by the lord.

The following lists are of occupations appropriate to the Medieval and early Renaissance eras, particularly in Europe. It's worth noting that during the Middle Ages, having a job was not strictly necessary. Yes, you needed some sort of income, but that didn't always mean you had to work at a single profession.

Medieval farming and craft work 

The organization of work and division of labour, which might be said to have reached a peak during the Roman Empire, declined as the empire disintegrated. The social and political fragmentation and economic decay of the late empire reduced most of western Europe to small-scale, self-sufficient economic units.

Agricultural production 

Four interrelated factors determined the work organization of medieval agriculture: the economic self-sufficiency of the manor, the development of mixed agriculture based on crops and livestock, such technological improvements as the heavy wheeled plow and rigid horse collar, and the system of land tenure and division of holdings.

Blacksmiths, goldsmiths, potters, weavers, shoemakers, bakers, armoires, fletchers (arrow-makers), book-binders, carpenters and masons. Peasants in the Middle Ages did not commute to their jobs as they worked where they lived.

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