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In column-I, some situations are given, and in column-II, their result are given. Assume the batteries and voltmeters used are ideal. Aslo assume that the resistance of bulb doesn't change due to heating. Match the situations given in column-I according to proper results in column-II.

 Column-I, Column-II.

If the resistance of rehostate between A and B is increased, then :
(p) The brightness of the bulb will increase 

If resistance of the bulb is gradually increased from 10Ω to 50Ω , then 
(q) The brightness of the bulb will decrease. 

Switch is on at t = 0. From t = 0 to the steady state
(r) The reading of the voltmeter will increase

The system has achieved steady state. Now the distance between the plates of the capacitor is suddenly halved. After that, as the time passes :
(s) The reading of the voltmeter will decrease.

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Correct option (A – q,r) ; (B – p,r) ; (C – q, r) ; (D – q, r)


(A) when resistance of rehostate is increased then current in circuit is decreased. so brightness will decrease. 
(B) when resistance of bulb is increased then potential difference is increased across it. so brightness will increase. 
(C) from t=0 to steady state, q will increase on capacitor so potential difference will increase across it and current will decrease so brightness will decrease. 
(D) same as C.
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