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(a) 100 % (b) 200 %
(c) 300 % (d) 400 %

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Let the original value of current be I amp. 

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(c) 300 % increase in power dissipated

As we know that if the current flowing through the resistor is I then 
P1 = I2R
If the current flowing through the resistor is increased by 100%
Then current = I + (I x 100/100 %) = 2I
Now power
P2 = (2I)2R = 4I2R
Change in percentage of power is (P2 - P1) /( P1) x 100% = (4I2R - I2R)/(I2R) x 100%
= 300%

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How come 3o0 percentage
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See the solution.

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