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Give the Classification of Bronsted - Lowery Acids and Bases.

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Classification of Bronsted - Lowery Acids and Bases : 

Bronsted - Lowery acids and bases can be 

(i) Molecular (ii) Cationic and (iii) Anionic

Type Acid Base
Molecular HCl, HNO3 , HClO4, H2SO4, H3 PO4, H2O etc. NH3 , N2H4, Amines, H2O, Alcohol, Ethers etc.
Cationic NH4+ , N2H5+ , PH4+ ,Na+ , Ba2+ (All cations) [Fe(H2O)6]3+, [Al(H2O)6]3+ etc. [Fe(H2O)5OH]2+ 
[Al(H2O)5 OH]2+ etc. 
Anionic HS , HSO3 , H2PO4 ,HS4 HCO3 , HPO4 2– etc.
all amphiprotic anions
Cl , Br , OH , HSO4 , CN , CO32–,SO42–, NH2 , CH3 COO etc.
all amphiprotic anions

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