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A solution is prepared by mixing 200 mL of 0.025 CaCl2 and 400 mL of 0.15 M Na2SO4. Should CaSO4 precipitate from a solution ? Given Ksp = 2.4 × 10–5.

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The equation for the equilibrium is

and the solubility product expression is Ksp = [Ca2+] [SO42–] = 2.4 × 10–5 

If we assume that the volumes of the solutions that are mixed are additive, the final solution will have a volume of 600 ml. This total volume contains the equivalent of 200 mL of CaCl2 , so the concentration of Ca2+ ions is 

 = 8.33 × 10–3 M and the concentration of SO42– ions is

The ionic product is [Ca2+] [SO42–] = (8.33 × 10–3) (1.0 × 10–1) = 8.33 × 10–4 

Which is larger than Ksp, so CaSO4 should precipitate from the solution.

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