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Compare and Contrast

(i) e-mail and voice mail

(ii) e-mail and chatting.

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(i) E-mail and voice mail

Comparison :

Both e-mail and voice-mail are used for communication.

Contrast :

E-mail Voice mail
Written, may be read quickly or slowly, as the receiver desire Oral, must be listened to at the speed it was delivered
May be stored on disk for future reference. Easy to access specific stored messages. May be stored on tape for future reference. Hard to locate specific stored messages.
Preferred by visual learners Preferred by auditory learners

(ii) E-mail and chatting.

Comparison :

Both e-mail and chatting are used for communication.

Contrast :

Chat occurs in near real-time while Email doesn’t 

Chat is a type of software while Email is a protocol

Chat requires the permission of both parties while Email does not 

Chat is typically software dependent while Email is not 

Chat needs accounts on the same provider while Email does not

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